2020-10-19 – V1.6.4.1
+ added spanish translation (thanks to eltrueno) #51

2019-04-17 – V1.6.4.0
+ added italian translation (thanks to zed636) #42
* update of polish translation (thanks to KITT3000) #43

!!! This mod is no longer in development. No new features will be implemented, but small bugfixes or translation updates !!!

I recommend resetting the XML config by pressing «KeyPad /» once every new version of this mod to activate changes to functions, positions and sizes of HUD elements.

Whats new in version 1.6.x?

Implementation of direct lift/lower of front/rear hydraulic per direct key binding and turn on/off attached devices to front/back of the main vehicle. You may need up to four keys to use this functionality. default keybindings are left-Alt+1 to 4, but can be changed in the options.
Whats new in version 1.5.x?

Implementation of a shuttle shift functionality. If active the vehicle will drive in the selection direction only. Pressing the brake key will not drive the vehicle in the opposite direction any longer. Additionally a parking brake was implemented. Driving direction will be display left of the speedometer.

Space changes driving direction. Left control + space will turn shuttle shift on/off. insert/delete sets driving direction directly. end turns parking brake on/off.

Status of shuttle shift, of diffs and driving mode (on/off, forward/reverse, 4WD/2WD) is stored in the savegame per vehicle.
What does EnhancedVehicle?

This mod extends (engine-based) vehicles with differential locks and drive modes (four-wheel-drive, rear/front wheel drive). In addition, the HUD will be upgraded with some more detailed damage report, fuel tank level, fuel consumption, engine speed and temperature, and a weight/total weight display.

keyboard mapping (can be changed in the game options menu)

Space – change shuttle shift driving direction
lCtrl + Space – turns shuttle shift on/off (per vehicle)
insert/delete – select driving direction directly
end – turn parking brake on/off
KeyPad 7 – enable/disable front axle differential lock
KeyPad 8 – enable/disable back axle differential lock
KeyPad 9 – switch wheel drive mode between 4WD (four wheel drive) or 2WD (two wheel drive)
KeyPad / – reset HUD positions. use this if you messed up the XML config, changed the GUI scale or installed keyboardSteer from Mogli12 afterwards.
KeyPad * – reload XML config to activate changes immediately without restarting the whole game
lAlt+1 to 4 – front/rear hydraulic up/down, attached devices on/off

Sorry – too lazy to translate. Available in german in the german description only.
further notes
If the mod «VehicleControlAddon (VCA)» from Mogli12 is detected, some HUD elements are moved a bit to avoid overlapping. Press «KeyPad /» to reset their positions. (version required)
Please note: Due to limitations and bugs in the game engine, the HUD data for fuel consumption, engine temperature and weight are not available or incorrect for all multiplayer players – with the exception of the host.
More information here: https://github.com/ZhooL/TSX_EnhancedVehicle

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