Have you ever seen such small farm shop stalls in real life that are right next to the farm, and where the farmer sells his farm’s products?
I made such a small stand for the courtyard here as a mod.
It serves as a point of sale with good prices, especially for eggs and milk. Because it is only a small stand, he of course does not accept large quantities at maximum prices. The price drops from 1,000 liters that are delivered there.
If you are curious, you can stand at the stand and click the left mouse button. Then you jumble a little in the change box, the lid of which then closes again.
At night the market stall is cleared, except for a forgotten sack of flour. Subscription customers’ milk cans stand next to the stand and wait to be filled after the next milking. These are of course pure decoration effects and do not affect sales.
The mods have done their job successfully in my Build and Let’s Play videos. I’ve also tried hard to make everything work, but I can’t guarantee it. Use at your own risk 🙂
Note: The building does not level automatically. So you have to level the terrain beforehand.

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